Monday, September 24, 2012

I just wanted to add a few pictures of that cute nephew I mentioned in the last post! He has the cutest little dimples - so pinchable!

 I love these bright summer photos! Especially the green of the grass and leaves in the backgrounds. Can't wait to see some fall foliage though!

Sunday, September 23, 2012

This summer our adorable nephew turned one! Yay! We got to take some casual one-year-old photos for him while visiting his family. We were with them over a weekend so we had the chance to take some photos of Charlotte too.

Look at that cute little face! She actually kept her hair in a ponytail for once, which was nice.

Just this last week we finally bit the bullet and bought Lightroom, a photo editing software program I have been DYING to get. I got a book on it too, so hopefully I can get to be an expert and really improve our photos!

Here are a few more shots of Charlotte from that weekend:

I just love the thoughtful little face she gets. She's so interested in everything and is always absorbing what's going on around her. I love to capture the subtle little faces and expressions that children make! (And grown-ups too!)

We rented a lens we'd never used before for the weekend we took these, which is always a fun new learning experience. (Sometimes a frustrating new learning experience too, but so worth it!) I really love some great soft bokeh (that's the blurriness in the background behind the subject) so I'm always looking for the lens that is going to make my subject look great, of course, but will also get me that great background blur.

On another exciting note, our holiday season calendar is filling up fast! We already have a few photo shoots lined up, and honestly, just thinking about it makes me GIDDY! We really do love doing photography and are very passionate about it. Dallas and I have many conversations about our desire to improve and really just be amazing at what we do. We talk about equipment we want (and make exorbitant wish lists) and we dissect photographs together to work out how to achieve similar results. We really just get so excited to take photos and I cannot wait for the shoots we have coming up! I hope we book even more sessions!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

So I recently was able to talk to the mommy of one of our newborn subjects and she graciously gave us permission to use the photos to promote our business, for which I'm so glad because this little girl is so dang cute! We took Baby Ellie's photos on the same day that we did Baby Graham's newborn shoot. It worked out perfectly because when one baby needed a feeding or diaper change, the other stepped in for a photo op!

She was so sweet and sleepy, an absolute pleasure to photograph! Love all that dark hair!

Thursday, June 28, 2012

So, at the beginning of April (yes, that was forever ago), Dallas and I had our first photo shoot of a car! My brother-in-law, Jeff, has recently finished restoring a 1955 Corvette to original condition. All original parts. If I remember correctly it's taken about three or four years to complete! He's now trying to sell it and needed some awesome pictures to help interest potential buyers. And of course, after spending all that time and work, he wanted some great photos as a personal keepsake. We rented a studio in San Diego where we could pull in the car and use the lighting equipment at the studio. We are very proud of the results!

We were able to get some great impromptu photos of Jeff and his family (my sister, Amber, and their son) with the car as well. They turned out so well that Amber used one of the photos for Jeff's father's day present!

Shooting a car was way different than shooting people and we were so grateful to have the opportunity to gain more experience! And looking at this amazing car all day didn't hurt either!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

So, I'm finishing up the editing for the newborn session we did this last weekend on the 21st! We were especially excited to meet Baby Graham as his parents are friends of ours. I was also excited just to do a newborn shoot, so I brought as many blankets, pillows, and props as I could! I knew we wouldn't use them all, but I wanted to have lots of options.

We set up our lights and equipment and then the star of the show arrived! He was having some tummy troubles, so we kept his diaper on for the shoot. He had a full head of adorable copper-red hair, so we tried to spotlight that in the photos.

He was a hungry boy so we stopped often for feeding time, but we were able to get in lots of good shots. I love this little owl hat his mommy brought for him to wear!

At the end of the shoot we wanted to make sure we got some pictures of Mom and Dad with their new little bundle of joy so we shot some classic black and white photos.

What a sweet little baby! I couldn't help but coo and fawn over him :) Love doing the newborn shoots! It seems like everybody is having a baby lately, and I love it! I hope we get to do lots more newborn shoots soon!

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Welcome to our blog!

Allow me to introduce myself. I am Julienne Sybrowsky, one half of the photography team! The other half is, of course, my husband, Dallas. For a little background for anyone who might be reading this, Dallas and I met in January 2008 (technically we met on New Year's Eve 2007). We dated throughout the summer and I broke up with Dallas not once but twice in the course of our relationship. Thankfully I came to my senses and we got engaged in September of the same year and got married two days before Christmas! (Talk about a whirlwind - met and married all in the same year!) We now have an adorable daughter, Charlotte, who just turned 18 months. She's super fun and the absolute jewel of my eye. I swear she gets funnier and cuter every day.

Dallas and I both grew up in San Diego county and now live in southern Riverside county. We still spend a lot of time in SD though, as my family all still live there. I stay at home and take care of Charlotte and Dallas works in Carlsbad at a biotech company.

So, how about a little photography background? Well, we bought our first DSLR camera for our honeymoon, which we went on in the summer of 2009. We spent two weeks in France, Switzerland and Spain and we were SO glad we had that nice camera! We had both been to Europe before and love it there, so it was so nice to share that with each other and to share our newfound hobby! We've been doing photography together ever since.

Some of our experience includes engagements,


and various portraits.

Our daughter, Charlotte, is one of our favorite subjects! We joke that she's the most photographed child ever.

So, I've been spending a lot of time lately thinking about our hopes and dreams as far as photography goes and what we really want to do with it. I think the more we take photos the more we both realize how much we enjoy it and would like to do it full-time. We're really trying to expand our business and gain as much experience as we can.

So, I hope you enjoy following along as we capture memories here, there and everywhere! And now, I must go back to working on the edits of yesterday's newborn shoot! See you again soon!